Meaghan is such a delight to work with as a coach. She has a natural warmth, which creates immediate trust and rapport, allowing you to quickly slip into your most vulnerable places — aka, where the magic happens! She also has a vibrant energy, which serves as a cheerleader when you’re rocking your goals, and a welcomed challenger when you need that extra push or kick-in-the-butt. 

I came to Meaghan to work on a career-related goal. I was confused about my next steps, unclear what direction to go and lacking self-confidence. Without judgement, Meaghan helped me sort through my unhelpful stories and replace them with more empowering language. We started each session with a beautiful meditation/mindfulness exercise, designed and led by Meaghan, which helped ground me in my vision and goals; and then, following my lead, worked through what mattered most and would move me the furthest, fastest. As a result, I walked away with a renewed sense of self-trust and compassion, whole-system awareness, and a refined clarity on how to bring my power to the world. 

Thank you, Meaghan! You are a true gift.
— Lauren, San Francisco
Meaghan and I met during a yoga class one Sunday evening and I could tell her energy was something special. When we connected about embarking on a holistic coaching journey together, I was overcome by emotion and knew I had found the person that was going to help me get where I wanted to be in my life. Over the next couple of months, I felt a transformation. I went into it with an open mind and open heart and came out with a mind and heart full of love. It was such a pleasure to be vulnerable with Meaghan and in her space, which provides a home for all of your emotions. I cannot say enough about my experience but I can say I feel ready and open for anything that comes into my life in the future because of it. Thank you Meaghan!
— Steph McKean, New York City
It is clear that Meaghan was born to help others with her amazing positivity and focused guidance which helped me optimize various areas of my life. I was able to create new fitness habits, get better sleep, established stronger relationships and further refine my career goals. She helped me through exercises so that I could understand which values resonate most and helped me brainstorm ideas for my business that would intersect with my passion and talents. Every session ended with actionable items to move me closer to my goals. 

Meaghan is astute at reading your cues and help you articulate areas of your life that you’d want to improve. I used coaching as a way to improve my overall fitness, career goals, and balance. I had the choice of using a company sponsored executive coach, but chose to work with Meaghan instead. After a trial period, I continued to see Meaghan as I saw real results from my focused sessions. Each session is accompanied by notes connecting the former session to the next. 

I highly recommend Meaghan for coaching if you’re looking to tweak any areas of your life or if you’re having trouble pinpointing any areas that don’t feel quite right. The combination of introspective exercises with fruitful conversation will help you understand the areas that you’d like to improve the most.
— Erin, San Fracisco


Meaghan is truly a gifted, positive force for healing in her practice. Her smile — inviting from the moment you see her — invites you in to do self-work in a safe and supportive environment. Her loving energy is palpable from the moment you start working with her.

My tarot and Reiki sessions with Meaghan have been life-affirming, deep and cleansing. She relayed messages to me about my career, relationship, and self-growth that struck deep, but also provided a path forward. My sessions with her forced me to focus on my communication patterns and assertiveness in a genuine way.

I’m truly grateful to call her both a teacher and a friend.
— Sean Holmquest, New York City
Meaghan’s energy healing session had an extraordinary and strong effect on me. From the moment I walked in, Meaghan made me feel welcome and at ease. She is extremely trustworthy and calming which helped me fall into the guided imaginary easily while also completely relaxing my body. As she works with essential oils, crystals, and on your chakra’s, Meaghan pleasantly explains what she’s doing and why it is important. After the session, I felt a complete release and much lighter than when I arrived. I will recommend Meaghan to all of my family and friends and will absolutely return for more sessions. Thank you Meaghan for being absolutely wonderful!
— Marshall, New York City
Meaghan is a deeply caring healer with a gentle touch and familiarity that allowed me to feel so safe, open and receiving of her gifts. My Reiki/Tarot session with her was intensely relaxing and ultimately opened up profound doors (and chakras, who knew?!) that I will not soon forget! I felt energy moving throughout my body and radiating out as she worked to unblock some of the stuck areas of my body and I was able to really drop into myself and find a sense of calm in my mind and body that can be hard to achieve in my busy day-to-day. I didn’t even need to say what was on my mind out loud and she was able to touch on just what I needed in the Tarot reading—incredible! Meaghan’s intuitive sense, professionalism and soothing demeanor left me feeling lighter, more grounded and confident in my path. I highly recommend working with Meaghan and I will surely be booking my next session again soon!
— Melissa, New York City


I was fortunate to be a part of Meaghan’s mini retreat for the summer solstice. It was a beautiful morning filled with fluid movement, self-expression, and letting go. Meaghan created a space for all of us to be ourselves and encouraged us to release “shoulds” and expectations. I felt myself less worried about what others thought and more invested in my spiritual well-being. By the end of the retreat I was more centered and clear on what I wanted to bring into my life and what needed to be left behind. Meaghan’s perspective and approach to healing frees you of limitations and allows you to embrace the divine. Thank you Meaghan!
— Caroline Muggia, New York City
Each of my tarot sessions with Meaghan has been incredibly effective. We’ve done a reading over the phone in the middle of my commute to work, and we’ve done a reading in person on a quiet secluded beach - very different settings, but very similar effects. After (and during) each reading, I felt calm and energized at the same time, equipped with the confidence to hear, trust, and follow my intuition. With both readings, Meaghan has gently guided me towards a wisdom within that is sometimes a little bit dormant. She’s helped me to reconnect with myself and acknowledge that I need very little in order to feel happy and boundless in the present. I’m so grateful for these sessions and can’t wait for more.
— Maggie Caputi, San Francisco