Tarot reminds us that all aspects of ourselves are okay, every feeling and state is impermanent, and with awareness of our current state comes choice. Tarot provides the gateway to our innate reservoir of wisdom, as the images and symbols bridge the unconscious with the conscious to arrive at major insights.

Allow Meaghan to intuitively channel the universe through the cards to provide clarity on any situation so that you can move forward with skill and intention to create the life you want to live. 

in brooklyn or remote.

Meaghan O’Herron Brooklyn Tarot Intuitive Witch Magic Practice Holistic Integrative Healing

energy exchange

$80 / 1 hour

$45 / 30 min

$25 / 15 min

tarot thursdays

Every Thursday, Meaghan offers affordable and accessible Tarot so that she can share magic with as many people as possible.

$20/15min remote readings. Energy is energy.

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Meaghan loves to read at corporate events, storefronts, birthdays, small friend gatherings, and whatever else you want to propose. Message her to discuss rates and ideas!

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