you are waking up - emotionally, spiritually, mentally. you are realizing that you did not come here to live an average existence.

it’s a shedding that stings as it frees...

through mindset interventions, spiritual guidance, and whole-self analysis, Meaghan, a highly trained coach, embraces you with her warm strength into the depths of the infinite, divine wisdom that is coded within you, and up the mountain of self-discovery.

Meaghan specializes in helping to heal challenges associated with:

body image

disordered eating

intimacy & relationships

social anxiety


limiting beliefs

passion & purpose

career changes

Meaghan O’Herron Integrative Coach Holistic health and wellbeing tarot reiki guided imagery crystals chakras


Each program begins with one 90min Breakthrough Session, followed by biweekly 50min Deepening Wisdom Sessions


Meaghan’s healing space in Brooklyn, NY, or remote


Energy Exchange

4-month Evoking Wisdom Program // $850

2-month Evoking Wisdom Program // $475

*Programs come with 24 hr between session support

The Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.
— Rumi

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