You have a ‘good’ job, friends, social and travel plans, clothes that represent your vibe and a nice routine. But something is missing. You can’t quite put your finger on it. For most, it is an eerie sense of loneliness and disconnection, a subtle, deep sense of inadequacy, apathy, stuckness, or loss of direction, purpose, or agency.

the truth is that infinite, divine wisdom is coded within you. You did not come here to live an average existence. Meaghan’s mission as your integrative coach is to remind you that you are a brilliant being who deserves a brilliant life.

Learn how to

Access & trust your intuition

Trust the flow of the Universe

Explore your gifts, passions, & purpose

Meditate daily & understand the nature of the mind

Find your voice, confidence, & power

Analyze messages from your dreamscape that guide your daily life

Communicate in a nonviolent and effective way

Understand & work with your Ego

Welcome & utilize your emotions

Forgive those who have hurt you, & yourself for hurting others

Nurture your inner child

Discover the meaning and beauty in your mistakes and challenges

Break repeating cycles & limiting beliefs that keep you small

The Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.
— Rumi
Meaghan O’Herron Integrative Coach Holistic health and wellbeing tarot reiki guided imagery crystals chakras


Each program begins with one 90min Breakthrough Session, followed by biweekly 50min Deepening Wisdom Sessions


Meaghan’s healing space in Brooklyn, NY, or remote

you will receive

Consistent texting and emotional support between session

A daily meditation practice schedule

Wellness assessments and personal analysis (Integrative Self-Inquiry & Enneagram Test)

Guided Imagery sessions

Journaling practices: stream of consciousness, gratitudes, emotional processing, creative brainstorm, dream analysis, etc.

Tarot readings tailored to specific concerns

Personalized self-care, spiritual, stress management practices

Energy Exchange

8 Session Evoking Wisdom Program // $850

1 Breakthrough Session // $130

1 Refresh Sesh* // $95

*only for clients who have already finished a program

Read personal reflections from clients

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